Vihaan Project

‘Vihaan’ which means ‘Dawn’ in sanskrit words and meaning “First Light of Sun” Vihaan works towards scaling up care and support services and improving access to treatment for PLHIV. The overall goal of the Vihaan program is ‘to improve the survival and quality of life and People Living with HIV’. Vihaan will complement NACP IV plans to put in place a quality Care & Support system that will complement HIV prevention and treatment programmes already in place.India HIV/AIDS Alliance, being the Principal Recipient (PR) of the grant from the Global Fund, provides overall technical, programmatic and financial support to the Sub-recipient organization (SR), NCPI+ (National Coalition of PLHIV in India) at the regional/state level. The SR,NMP+ manages the programme in Maharashtra through Sub-Sub-Recipient (SSR) HCCP+ who implements the programme at district level.